Lakeland Shores

A Special Place to Be!
Photo montage: a field of daisies, a family walking on the beach, a tranquil beach scene, and a fishing pole propped against a folding chair at the end of a dock

The Lower St. Croix Valley Alliance (LSCVA)

The Lower St. Croix Valley Alliance (LSCVA) was officially created on April 14, 2005.  It is the organization resulting from combining the Middle St. Croix Valley Planning Commitee and the former Five Cities Mayors Alliance.

The membership of LSCVA consists of any and all elected officials from the cities of Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, St. Croix Beach, St. Mary's Point, and Afton; and the Townships of West Lakeland and Denmark.

The members meet the 4th Monday of each monh at the LSCVFD (fire department).  It is an open meeting and the public is invited to participate.

All meetings start at 4:30 pm and are concluded no later than 6:00 pm, or sooner if the agenda permits.

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