Lakeland Shores

A Special Place to Be!
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 What do I do if my street does not get plowed?

The city contracts with an independent vendor for snow plowing.  Please wait 12 hours, especially during a heavy snowfall, and then contact Lakeland Shores Road Commissioner, John Bischoff, 651-253-9272.

 Do I need a permit for a fire?


Recreational fires smaller than 3 feet squared do not need a permit.  Any fire larger, or brush fire requires a permit from the Fire Department at 436-7033. 

 When are City Council Meetings?

City Council Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month.  They are held at Lake St. Croix Beach City Hall and begin at 6:30 PM.

 Where do I get a dog license?

Contact the City Clerk at 651-436-1789.  You must provide a copy of your dogs vaccination record.  The license fee is $10.00 per dog.

 Who do I contact for garbage removal?

The city has a current contract with Highland Sanitation for curbside recycling and garbage.  The fee for recycling is included with the city tax portion on your property tax statement.  Recycling pickup is every Wednesday. 
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